2008, 14.1hh, Bay, Quarter horse-cross Gelding.

Rue, our bottle-fed orphan, is a kind and extremely personable fellow who demonstrates some above average movement for his smaller frame and refined confirmation.

As Rue has been well socialized with humans since birth, he has been a joy to work with in the barn and throughout the tacking up, grooming, lounging and backing process of his second and third year.

Rue demonstrates surprising lofty and ground covering gaits for his 14.1hh frame, in essemce, warmblood-like paces within a compact package. Rue's canter is very balanced on the lunge line and under saddle at this early stage of his training with enough "uphill" and "jump" to it's quality that he will easily score well in his future dressage tests.

Within his mixed pedigree, Rue shows lovely shoulder freedom in trot, correct confirmation and an overall presence and way of going, predisposing him toward becoming a lovely amateur dressage mount for a smaller female and or junior rider.

Rue has now spent the summer of 2012 living in Jasper National Park where his training continued with both arena and trail work. Largely ridden alone on the trails, Rue encountered hikers, lengthly trail rides, mountain bikers, wildlife and water crossings, settling into all of these obstacles with calm interest.

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