Program Overview

Working Student Program

At Fiddle River Farm we offer a Working Student Program for both riders and agricultural students from Canada and abroad. The program is two fold offering positions in equestrian training at our main facility or ranch work encompassing our extended facility.

Our emphasis for working students is on fun, teamwork and maximizing the horse handling component for optimal learning time.

For new-comers to Canada we try to also maximize time to explore the Canadian Rocky Mountains which surround our farm. The Robson valley and neighbouring Jasper National Park are a playground for outdoor oriented visitors boasting activities such as hiking, camping, road cycling and mountain-biking, fishing, rafting and skiing during the winter months.

We offer private accommodation for one or more working students and encourage students to join in family outdoor activities to experience farm life in the Rocky Mountains at its finest.

Seasonal or year round positions are available; please contact us to enquire for more information.

“The whole business of being around horses is like immersion in a love affair that never grows stale, never loses its power to fascinate. When you feel depressed or overwhelmed spending time with your horse can be like a tonic. I never fail to feel better after riding my horse – purged, buoyant, free.

“When the communication is just right, I am filled up with quiet joy. At the instant when everything comes together, time is suspended. The feeling is unique and glorious – moments you can only savour with the harmonious cooperation of your equine partner. A good ride is a pure high – cleansing and intoxicating.

“The training process, with its patient repetitions leading to moments of epiphany, is an arduous, painstaking labor of love. It can’t be rushed – each tangible step toward completion is deeply satisfying. Every moment can be savoured simply for what it is, and the joy from those moments can linger for days.

“It’s what sustains us, even during the times when we are unable to ride. We can retrieve it and re-experience it whenever we want. Like a Mozart symphony, it’s just as wonderful every time. Perhaps that’s why we do it, and though it isn’t very important in the grand scheme of things, it’s a great gift from the horses to us, and worth every headache and heartache along the way.”

Excerpt from “Moments of Quiet Joy” by Lee DiGangi

Staff Accommodation

Our staff has the pleasure of staying in our lovely, furnished, three bedroom, heritage log house located approximately 2 Km from our home on the ranch property. Living at the Bunkhouse for a season is a uniquely Canadian Rocky Mountain Ranch experience allowing our working students to live on location, surrounded by elegance and beauty with all the comforts of home.