Facilities Overview

The facilities of Fiddle River Farm.


Fiddle River Farm is located 120 km west of Jasper, Alberta, 20 km west of Mount Robson, BC and 25 km north east of Valemount, BC on Hwy.16.

Outdoor riding areas

We have two large outdoor riding areas, one fenced and one open; both of these areas have grass turf as the footing.

Indoor Arena

200’ x 70’ spacious and well lit with 100’ of mirrors for continuous progress reflection.


4-box stall, heated barn with tack area.


Numerous paddocks ranging from small to field-size for groups of 2-4 horses.


Large pastures for turnout of growing youngsters as well as hundreds of acres of field, forest and river trails to ride through whilst still remaining on the property.

Young horses at Fiddle River Farm enjoy the freedom to roam on hundreds of acres, growing strong on mountain pasture grass and excellent quality, Fiddle River Farm produced hay.

The youngsters in training who also live outdoors enjoy spacious paddocks with individualized feeding programs and blanketing according to weather conditions.

Your true horseman may have a great affection for a special pet, but what he loves and reveres from deep down in his being is not a horse but horseflesh- horseflesh as a temple of noble qualities, of endearing foibles, of an astonishing capacity for understanding and cooperation

Author: George Agnew Chamberlain

Care, and not fine stables, makes a good horse.

Danish Proverb