For sale overview

For sale overview

Sale Horses: Overview

Our sale horses are a product of a unique partnership between Fiddle River Farm and Touchstone Farm created to develop a top quality equine performance horse, by bringing together the superior breeding program of Touchstone Farm with the proven competitive record and classical training program of Fiddle River Farm.

All of our young prospects at Fiddle River Farm to date originate from the Touchstone Farm breeding program located near Mayerthorpe Alberta. For the past three decades Touchstone farm has been primarily a breeding facility producing amateur to elite level Warmblood offspring. These youngsters are a product of both imported and home-grown breeding stock. Competitive stock from this program have proven themselves over the years in both the National and International arenas in the disciplines of Hunter/Jumper and Dressage.

Fiddle River Farm also welcomes youngsters from outside this program when space is available.

Touchstone youngsters arrive at Fiddle River Farm as long yearlings where they then begin their development through our customized feeding and handling program.

These youngsters are "backed" as three year olds and are then trained and prepared for A-circuit competition and/or sale at select auctions, such as the Fall Breeders Classic Sale in Olds Alberta or private sale, in their fourth year.

All of our young horses are offered for sale at any time even though they may not be listed on this sale page.


I would like to extend a special Thank you to Touchstone Farm and the Gould family for providing me with the opportunity to work and compete with the many CWB youngsters I have had the pleasure to train over the past several years. I look forward to my continuing partnership with Touchstone Farm and the privilege of working with young prospects from this proven, top quality breeding program.


I must not forget to thank the difficult horses, who made my life miserable, but who were better teachers than the well-behaved school horses who raised no problems.

Author: Alois Podhaiski

People talk about size, shape, quarters, blood, bone, muscle, but for my part, give me a hunter with brains: he has to take care of the biggest fool of the two and think for both.

Author: G J. Whyte-Melville