Blue Beyond

Blue Beyond

Blue Beyond

2004, 16.3h, Dark Bay, CWB Gelding: SOLD

Blue Beyond:

  • Beach Boy (Wpn)
    • Nurzeus (Wpn)
      • Arlequin (Rhein)
      • Urielle (Rhein)
    • Sefane (Wpn)
      • Lucky Boy (Tb)
      • Ilexa (Wpn)
  • Indigo II (Cw)
    • Indoctro (Wpn)
      • Capitol (Holst)
      • Vanessa VII (Holst)
    • Lucia (Han)
      • Lucid (Han)
      • Abigail (Han)

Attention Jumpers and Dressage riders alike: this Indoctro grandson has much to offer both disciplines given his impressive jumper pedigree on the top and bottom side of his lineage coupled with his excellent ridability and suspensive and lanky gaits.

Blue Beyond is a long and tall son of Beach Boy who demonstrates tremendous flexibility in his gaits, in his neck, body and limbs giving new meaning to the term elastic. Blue’s attributes include an extremely long overstep in his walk stride, a lofty trot which is both comfortable and easy to sit and an equally comfortable and impressive, ground covering canter stride. He is quite soft in the bridle and goes easily forward from the leg making his large frame rather easy to package.

As with most of the Beach Boy babies, “Blue” will take a little longer to physically mature but in the meantime he is an extremely positive and personable guy with a lovable character and has been an easy horse to start and handle throughout. “Blue” will have had a total of approximately 15 rides at the time of this website posting.

Blue’s’ training continues in '09 with the improvement of his basic dressage skills. We are now beginning to see his power, flexibility, muscle development and overall fitness combine to create an impressive dressage horse with loads of presence. Schooling through, shoulder-in, leg yields, canter/ trot extensions and the beginnings of collection, "Blue" is now ready for First Level in this 09 season.

Ex-rays available…

Blue Beyond would be suitable for a Jr. and/or Adult Amateur rider looking for an amiable, agile athlete for either jumper or dressage. Check this sale page for updated chute jumping photos of Blue Beyond next to come.